the "big dog" of the mobile app industry

      We are one of the fastest growing mobile application developers in the world. When the iPhone was first released we were there to begin working on exciting Business-to-Business apps when the rest of the world was focused on burping apps, pharting apps, spin the bottle type apps that provide no value. We focus on high-end extremely productive apps for businesses, schools, universities and city, state and county governments.

      Sensational leadership. Our senior management team is sensational in every way. We have the experience, expertise and knowledge to turn your mobile ideas into reality.

      Superior engineering talent. Our engineers are among the best in the world. Each of them have superior educations, work experience and the drive in order to make sure your mobile strategy is successful.


      about us by Mobilezapp

      We are proud to be assisting many of the largest and most respected companies with their mobile application needs. There is no task that is too large or one that is too small.

      100's of apps and counting

      we offer superior application development

      Over the past six years we have worked with many of the largest and most successful companies in the world. We have successfully launched over one hundred superior mobile apps for the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, iPad and Windows Phone platforms.

      Innovative technologies. Our engineers are among the brightest in the world. The technology we use is cutting edge in every way.

      Consultative approach. Tell us your goals and give us the chance to assemble a full smartphone and tablet strategy.

      100's of apps and counting || we offer superior application development

      We welcome the opportunity to work with your organization toward achieving all of your mobile application goals. There is no app that is too complicated. Our process is quite unique. While other mobile app development companies require a technical specification document - we will create it for you.

      we are "the best in class"

      nobody beats our coding capabilities

      We are extremely proud to have assembled some of the best mobile software coders in the world. There is no task that they cannot accomplish. Many of our team members have been writing software for the iPhone since its first introduction.

      We welcome the opportunity to meet with your team and discuss how we can best work together to create a tools like no other.

      we are

      We will create a detailed flow chart of the information. We can take information from any database such as Oracle, MYSQL, MS-SQL or Filemaker. This long-term approach empowers your team with the knowledge we will be creating an application that is superior in every way.

      from beginning to end,

      we document it all

      we have a detailed system to work with your team toward the development of your mobile application. We are extremely organized as well as take advantage of all of the latest new technology tools such as zoho.

      Throughout the entire process everything is well documented. From the very beginning of our relationship until the end – each step is documented in the same way a military or a government organization keeps track of each step.

      No detail is too small. We leverage zoho, skype, outlook and all other technologies on the market today.

      from beginning to end, || we document it all

      let us know what your unique needs are. our engineers and consultants can ensure your mobile needs are met. we literally perform miracles in the mobile world. give us a chance to demonstrate how it works.

      mobile consulting

      a service we offer to increase your sales

      We will work closely with all of the members of your team to ensure we create a mobile app that meets your needs in every way. We spend a great deal of time studying the competition, analyzing the feature set they provide and delivering a superior solution.

      Detailed strategies. Prior to writing the first line of code we will deliver a comprehensive strategy for your success.

      Studying the competition. We will thoroughly review all of your competition and let you know what features they are including in their application.

      mobile consulting || a service we offer to increase your sales

      we are much more than a software development house. instead, we are a mobile consulting firm that provides free consulting. we charge for the app we develop and that is done on a project based system vs. by the hour.